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Articles that Support the Topics

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This page links to newspaper articles etc. which support the concept of educating kids about the digital citizenship topics.



Many articles refer to the effects of bullying on our children.


Edwards, Kathryn. "Teen's Death puts spotlight on cyberbullying."

Not only is the Internet making it easier for bullying to occur, argues an expert on the issue, but the ability to reach a mass audience online is making the impact worse. Queensland University of Technology cyber bullying expert, Dr Marilyn Campbell, says bullying is deeply embedded in our society and that the transition between the playground and technology use is seamless.


Online Communication

"Beyond Emily: Post-ing Etiquette." 

Some educators are leading the way to school-based netiquette education with guidelines advising students on what to do, and what to avoid, in online communication. Edutopia has put together excerpts from some sample guidelines. There is a pdf from Modesto City Schools on their student email policy; Bud the Teacher has posted a sample ' Blog Acceptable Use Policy' for students.



Weir. Lalla. "Behaveyourself.com: netiquette becomes a key part of education."

 Understanding how to interact online safely and effectively is, and will be, ever more critical. As today's students grow older, they'll be using the Internet to apply to colleges and jobs, and to communicate and network with colleagues.



Bochicchio, Kim. "Beat the Cheat." Edutopia.org

Taking a stand against plagiarism, this ninth-grade English teacher now has original materials submitted for assignments. But the fight was not won overnight. Links provided at the end to assist teachers with plagiarism.



Jaime Sainz, Pablo. "Local teen raises awareness about sexting on Internet, cell phones." San Diego News Network.August 5, 2009.

Cox media in San Diego hosted this teenagers vsiti to Washington to participate in their teen summit. Article gives statistics, and reinforces the concept that most of the teens are unaware that their MySpace pages are provocative or that what they are texting is inappropriate.


Lynch, Keith. "Teens warned over sharing intimate images." The Nelson Mail.

An article from New Zealand about the new fad of sexting and its implications.




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