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Middle school

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The following chart (2008) is from  Tweens in Trouble". Tech Learning.


The full report has disturbing results from the survey. Survey of Internet and At-risk Behaviors. Report of the Rochester Institute of Technology. June 18, 2008.



More on My Space

Dateline MSN staffers created a My Space page with pop-up descriptions of what is "Too Much Information." 


Net Smartz – Real Life Stories


NetSmartz offers a variety of online presentations for students, teachers, and parents.  All presentations come with lessons.


      Broken Friendships

       Integration - English Language Arts teachers -

               benchmark writing prompts; narratives, point of view

  •  Broken Friends.pdf - Lesson tied to video on Broken Friendships
  • After viewing video; whole group discussion questions available for all middle grades.  Students break into small groups to play Keep the Keys Activity.  

    Written activity – journal or have students share similar problems from sharing passwords.



     You Can’t Take it Back

  • Guys go online and rate girls on their looks.  Peer pressure causes guys to go along with something not meant to be shared with the world. 

  • Group discussion questions available / small groups

  •  Can't take it back.pdf


Chat Danger

How to keep safe while chatting online. By Childnet International.


Cyber Café – Grid Club  - No longer free- license required.


Online game teaching internet, IM, personal web space, safety skills, followed by online quiz.  Additional resources available for download, including lesson plans, links and downloads to additional websites and lessons for cybersafety instruction.


Cyberbullying Research


This site is a joint project by Justin W. Patchin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice in the Department of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and Sameer Hinduja, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University.

This is another "central repository and information clearinghouse for the phenomenon of cyberbullying." Nice links on the sidebar to other resources available on the web. Some duplicates to sites mentioned here but lots more information. Good background for educators. Check out Adina's deck.



http://www.digizen.org/cyberbullying/kim.aspx  - Cyberbullying:  Let's Fight it Together 

  • Real life story of a British student cyberbullied at school and home.  

  • Integration:  ELA Reading Comprehension; Response to Literature, Writing, & Listening & Speaking.  

    • Brainstorm whole class - summary, main events, & themes.  Small groups, students discuss themes, characters, conflicts, & points of view.  Adaptable to research project on cyber safety topics including law, facts, statistics, etc.  Concluding project - essay, video, brochure, podcast, etc.

    • You Tube Version  - Let's Fight it Together - Cyberbullying


Cyberethics, Cybersafety, & CyberSecurity


Educational technology policy offering links to information and lessons.  October is Cybersafety Awareness Month.  The clickable online calendar Oct2008Calendar_v2.pdf


Media Awareness Network


Online Game assessing websites & quiz follow-up Cybersense and Nonsense;  The Three CyberPigs


ID The Creep


Online game/quiz featuring IM, Chat, and email, using situations for students to help them identify possible problems with online predators.  Available in Spanish & English


FBI SOS Safe Online Surfing

http://www.fbi-sos.org/index.cfm   - Site includes PRE/POST Quiz

  • The FBI-SOS Challenge is a cyber safety program assists students in understanding the possible dangers with the internet, email, IM, chat, and social networking.   There are online quizzes and reviews for web sites encouraging safety online.  The Scavenger Hunt will give you a look at the program.  MUST REGISTER YOUR SCHOOL OR DISTRICT FIRST.


Other Related You Tube Videos

Bullied to Death - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gE5yINOn4N4&feature=related

               Excellent video of students who killed themselves as a result of bullying both at school and home.


Words Really Do Hurt - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2kFVXDzKFc



The Wood Verdict Blog: Tom Wood's Complete Guide

Tom Wood was under 16 when he experienced an obsession with the Internet which made him a prime target for cyberbullying. At 16 he cracked the Australian filter against pornography. Now he writes a blog about the perils of cyberbullying. This link is to his Complete Guide to Stopping CyberBullying. These tips are from someone who knows.

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